About Kevin J. Boudreau

Bright, bold, creative, and fun is what I try to achieve with my work. By incorporating exaggerated angles and perspectives I try to make the subject matter more exciting for the viewer. I’ve been doing art since around the time I was able to hold a crayon and have worked with many mediums over the years. Some of these mediums include colored pencil, acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, markers, airbrush, spray paint, tattooing, and of course pen and pencil. Graffiti and tattooing have definitely been the largest influences that helped push my work to where it is today. Since childhood I was always attracted to the bold characters, vibrant colors, and flow of letters found in the graffiti scene. My passion for graffiti grew throughout my high school years. What began as illegal nighttime mischief eventually turned into paid legal projects all over the country. Because of my background through graffiti I took easily to the new school style of tattooing. In late 2008 I began studying Visual Fine Arts at Manchester Community College in Connecticut as well as my tattoo apprenticeship. Graffiti is usually a temporary form of art that can be covered easily by a thin layer of paint. This is not the case with tattooing. Because tattooing is so permanent I feel it helped  me grow as an artist. I always strive to put my best into all of my work. I currently work at Cardinal Tattoo 425 Newington CT where I love to create original characters and scenery that can only be found in one’s imagination. Please email me at kbootattoo@gmail.com for questions about my work or to book an appointment.   


3 thoughts on “About Kevin J. Boudreau

  1. I am fortunate enough to have some of your paintings hanging up at home. I also have many earlier pieces of art that you have created. You are truly and amazing artist.

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